GoPro Labs

GoPro Labs is our beta program that extends GoPro camera capabilities beyond its stock features. Using QR codes and special camera firmware, GoPro Labs makes it possible to unlock new functionality and send custom configurations to GoPro cameras.

Getting Started

Download Firmware

Download Firmware

Download the labs firmware file and install it on the camera.

Generate QR code

Generate QR Code

Generate the QR code either with our web configurator or in GoPro Labs mobile apps.

Scan It

Scan It

Point your GoPro at the QR code and let the camera scan it automatically.

Common Use Cases

The most common applications for Labs are "cameras traps" to capture wildlife and pets in their natural habitat, automated sunrise and sunset time lapses, or a dash cam mode that records only when a car, motorcycle, or bike gets in motion.

Advanced Features

Besides the common use cases, Labs enable full settings automation, many new customizable features and system commands. One can even build custom scripts into the QR code. The Labs features include:

  • Complex settings changes
  • Delayed actions
  • Motion detection
  • Custom scripts
  • Video overlays
  • Low-light capture

Why QR Codes

GoPro Labs is our platform for maintaining beta camera firmware that includes new experimental features. Since they’re unreleased, they don’t have dedicated user interface controls. So, we dedicated QR codes to control the camera, at the same time providing a new practical way to interact with GoPros. Labs platform also allows us to add features faster.

Even though it's beta firmware, you can still use your camera with the buttons and touchscreen as usual. This firmware simply extends it capabilities.

Connect with the GoPro Labs Community

Explore and unlock innovative features our top engineers are working on.

Not finding what you’re looking for?

Check out Open GoPro, which is an API program for controlling an interacting with GoPro cameras. Interactions can be wired or wireless, and allow developers to fully integrate our cameras into their software and solutions.

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