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MAX Dual Battery Charger + Battery


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MAX Dual Battery Charger + Battery

Power up 2 batteries + get a spare
Charge your MAX batteries using a USB port. The MAX Dual Battery Charger automatically prioritizes which battery gets charged first, so you’ll get a fully charged battery as quickly as possible. Includes a spare battery.

Product Details

  • Conveniently charges 2 MAX batteries using a USB port
  • Optimizes charging so you’ll get a fully charged battery as quickly as possible
  • Allows you to charge your spare batteries while you use your camera
  • Dual LED lights display charging status of both batteries
  • Includes a spare 1600mAh lithium-ion MAX Battery
  • For faster charging,¹ use it with the GoPro Supercharger (International Dual-Port Charger)²

Warning: Do not use the battery if it has been damaged. Follow all warnings and instructions in the camera user manual.

¹Measured in 77°F room temperature. Charging performance may vary based on charging conditions.

²Sold separately

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