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HERO12 Black
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HERO12 Black Creator Edition
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Hero 11 Black Mini
Hero 11 Black
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HERO10 Black Bones
Hero10 Bones

Get the shot with the best GoPro sports action cameras.

The best adventurers need the best cameras to capture the essence of their exploits. Whether you’re big wave surfing or photographing wild animals, your camera has to be as tough as you without weighing you down.

Waterproof Action Cameras for Every Excursion

If you’re diving with sharks, traversing a river in a kayak, or white water rafting, you need a reliable waterproof action camera. GoPro offers HD action cameras with sharp 5K resolution, enabling you to capture crystal-clear footage of your feats. And, it’s not just the high intensity activities where the best GoPro cameras shine. If you’re documenting your wine tour, zip lining, snowboarding, or even just making memories around the barbecue at home after your latest adventure, you can be your own daredevil and your own photographer with GoPro.

Best Sports Camera Features

The sports action camera you choose should be lightweight so as not to slow you down. It's also important that it attaches to your clothing or gear so you can focus on the moment and leave it to your GoPro to capture the incredible footage. An action camera with image stabilization will make sure your video isn't shaking even if your hands are. Not the adventurous type? Use your GoPro for award-worthy footage of the solitude of hiking through the woods at your local park. No matter where life takes you, GoPro is there to capture the moment.

Choose the best sports action camera for your adventures.

Compare from our various adventure camera models, like the all new GoPro HERO12 Black, to make sure you have the right one by your side to for all of your incredible adventures both in and out of the water. Use our GoPro comparison tool to compare up to 3 camera models and their features, modes, design and dimensions.

¹Compared to HERO12 Black 5.3K60 recording time of 35 minutes before thermal shutdown at a temperature of 77°F (25°C) with a wind speed of 0.6m/sec.

²GoPro subscription available in select territories. Cancel anytime. See terms + conditions for more details. 

³360 videos are captured at 6K resolution and stitched to 5.6K.

4Weighs 60g with included lens cover that provides added protection.

5Voltage to camera’s shutter connect wire should not exceed 5V. Excessive voltage may cause permanent damage to your camera.

HERO10 Black Bones is not waterproof or water resistant. Do not use your camera in any situation where it could get submerged or exposed to rain or snow. HERO10 Black Bones is only intended for use with FPV drones.

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