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Curved + Flat Adhesive Mounts

This six-pack of Curved + Flat Adhesive Mounts stick to your helmet for great POV shots. 3 curved and 3 flat mounts make it easy to attach your camera to the top and side of your helmet, chin guard + around your moto for jaw-dropping angles. With these mounts, you can let your creativity run wild. 

Pro Tip: Use voice commands to control your camera while it’s mounted on your bike or helmet.
HERO12 Black

Curved + Flat Adhesive Mounts



Helmet Side Ball Joint Mount

Easily mounts any GoPro to the side of your helmet for unique POV angles + it features a ball joint design for easy adjustments and experimentation. You can preview and perfect your angle in the Quik app before you start riding to nail the shot.

Pro Tip: Lining your GoPro’s lens up with your goggle lens usually results in the ideal shot.
HERO12 Black

Helmet Front + Side Mount



Chest Harness

Chesty delivers immersive, hands-free POV footage with easy control of the camera and awesome angles from your moto. It’s lightweight, adjustable, and made from flexible, breathable materials that stay comfortable during a full day of riding.

Pro Tip: Mount your HERO on Chesty upside-down for the perfect angle.
HERO12 Black




Handlebar Mount

Sets up in seconds and clamps like a champ to your handlebars. It rotates a full 360° and you can quickly switch from forward-facing to rear-facing.

Pro Tip: Use the Quik app on your smartphone to set up the perfect angle before you ride.
HERO12 Black

Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount



Dual Battery Charger + Enduros

Charge two GoPro batteries at once, plus give your camera an extra boost of power. This pack includes a Dual Charger and two advanced Enduro Batteries that provide significantly longer runtimes and dramatically improved performance in cold conditions when compared to standard GoPro batteries.
HERO12 Black

Dual Battery Charger + Enduro Batteries



Polarized Sunglasses

Mezcal Polarized Sunglasses stay afloat and are polarized for 100% UV A/B protection. The three included interchangeable lenses are easy to swap for a different look or vibe—or if you ever scratch your lenses.

Pro Tip: Lenses also provide better color and clarity depending on the light conditions or activity. The gray lenses are ideal for driving or winter sports, and the light amber with blue-mirror finish give you enhanced detail in low-light conditions. Use the amber with bronze-mirror finish for optimum performance on the water. 

Mezcal Floating Sunglasses



Sling Waist Pack

The Sling Crossbody Bag makes it easy to bring your valuables on any ride. Featuring coated, weather-resistant zippers and internal pockets, it’s a sleek design that can handle all conditions.

Sling Crossbody Bag



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