How to manually update your Remote.

Before starting, be sure that your remote and camera have already been paired and that both have at least 20% battery life. Start the update with both your remote and camera off.

1. Insert your camera’s microSD™ card into your computer using a microSD card adapter or USB reader.


2. Transfer the update file to your microSD card.

Open a new Finder window and select Downloads on the left to find the GP_REMOTE_FW_01_02_00.bin file.

Look for your microSD card in the Devices section in the sidebar. It will be listed as Untitled (unless you renamed your card). Drag the update file to your microSD card.

  • Do not drag any files with numbers to your microSD card. For example, GP_REMOTE_FW_01_02_00.BIN(1) or GP_REMOTE_FW_01_02_00.BIN(2).

3. Eject your microSD card. With your camera powered off, insert the microSD card into your camera and power it on.

Click on the eject icon next to the microSD card.

4. Turn on your remote. The update should install automatically as your remote connects to your camera.

A check mark will appear on your remote’s LCD screen when the update is complete.

Note: If the update does not start automatically or fails to install, turn off your remote and repeat this step.

Press your remote’s Shutter button to restart and use your remote.

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