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Go Deep with Mike Coots, Great White Sharks + the Challenged Athletes Foundation

12 月 23, 2021


Earlier this year, GoPro had the opportunity to put two of our favorite shark-loving humans together for an epic, five-day boat trip to Guadalupe Island off the Baja coast of Mexico.

The world-class Great White Shark cage dive expedition was organized by GoPro advocate and Emmy Award-winning cinematographer, Andy Casagrande, and we invited adaptive surfer, photographer, shark attack survivor and shark advocate, Mike Coots to join. Mike, upon accepting the invitation, was up for the challenge of documenting the journey to learn more about his unlikely affection for the animal that changed his life.

In addition to supporting shark education and awareness, Mike is also an advocate and spokesperson for the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF)—the non-profit whose financial and adaptive equipment support helps Mike get back in the water to pursue his love of surfing.

Our GoPro For a Cause platform seeks to bring stories like Mike’s, and the organizations who are doing good in the world, like CAF, into the spotlight. To learn more about CAF and donate to their organization, please visit their website.




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