Ted Ligety United States

Home Mountain:
Park City
Alpine Ski
Giant Slalom | Super G


Ted’s parents taught him to ski before he could walk, and to watch the way he agrees with gravity is to become a believer. With more sponsors than NASCAR and tennis combined, he’s also one likable guy. A typical weekend might begin with Warren Miller in Greenland and conclude with NBC in LA, with a friendly game of badminton in between. Ted’s a 2006 Olympic Gold medalist and a 4-time World Cup GS champion, so there’s a wee bit of context for all the applause. In 2013, Ted turned it to eleven. His historic GS victory in Soelden was earned with a nearly unassailable 2.75-second margin. At the Worlds, he took Gold in Super G, SC and GS—the first hat trick since Jean Claude Killy in 1968. Not only did he destroy everything in his path, he did it with style. The man they call “Shred” went onto win his fourth FIS Alpine World Cup GS title, and Team USA named him “Sportsman of the Year.” A certain amount of pressure can accompany credentials such as these, but Ted seems impervious. He’s been a card-carrying member of the US Ski team since the age of 18. He plans to ride the wave of success straight through Sochi, and leave the competition treading water in the Black Sea.

Favorite Event to Watch in Sochi:

Outside of the events I compete in, Ski Halfpipe and Ski Slopestyle.

Favorite Music:

Alt rock, mainly. Broken Bells, LCD Soundsystem. Temper Trap.

Other Hobbies:

Mountain biking, designing products for my company Shred and playing any sport, really.

Favorite GoPro Mount for Training:

Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount attached to a gate, with someone following me down.

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