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Alpine Ski
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Even in a sport where comebacks are commonplace, this would be amazing. Lindsey’s high velocity Super G crash in Austria was the stuff of nightmares—a legendary ski career nearly derailed by conditions only slightly better than the fall they brought to pass. Were it not for an unrelenting constitution and near limitless support, Lindsey may have faded. Instead, she has returned, her star burning brighter, her determination undeterred. Lindsey hails from Vail, Colorado but grew up skiing at Buck Hill in Minnesota, where the vertical drop was a snore-inducing 310 vertical feet. Bunk beds have been built higher, but Buck Hill nonetheless paved the way. Today, her World Cup wins and World Championship gold medals make her the most decorated female ski racer in U.S. history. Lindsey’s legendary resolve will need to come to the forefront in Sochi, as her battle will be entirely uphill. Her race will take place in the opposite direction, and fearfully close to the barrier of sound.

Favorite Event to Watch in Sochi:

Excited for everything!

Favorite Music:

I have a very eclectic mix of music but I workout to rap and hip hop.

Other Hobbies:

Tennis, scuba diving, snorkeling, fly fishing and Golf.

Favorite GoPro Mount for Training:

Head strap around my boot.

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