Ayumu Hirano Japan

Home Mountain:
Half Pipe


Two years before the end of the century, winter descending in Murakami, Japan, a new breed of athlete was born. Ayumu Hirano. A prodigy destined to eclipse his progenitors. Child in stature. Legend in every other form. X Games XVI marked his unveiling, as the clandestine explosive took Silver next to Shaun White’s Gold. Never has a rider weighing so little left such an impression on the world stage. His style is unadorned, quietly disarming and deliriously precise. To see Ayumu enter the atmosphere via ice-sculptured Superpipe is to delay momentarily one’s desire for breath. Clearly this is no place for children. When he tops out nearly 50’ above the flat bottom, a form content in flight, time stands still. Such things the future brings. Perhaps this is no place for adults. Come Sochi, Ayumu will bear the distinct honor of being both the smallest and most serious threat to Shaun White’s reign of glory. Want more? Grab a guide to the constellations. He’ll be listed among the stars.

Favorite Event to Watch in Sochi:

Snowboard Superpipe

Favorite Music:

Japanese Reggae

Other Hobbies:


Favorite GoPro Mount for Training:

Helmet mount

Career Highlights

2013 Champion: TTR Halfpipe World Tour (Youngest in history to claim the title.)
Champion: New Zealand Games World Cup
Gold: Burton European Open
Silver: Burton US Open
Silver: Winter X Games XVI
Bronze: Oakley Artic Challenge
2012 Champion: Burton Junior US Open
Gold: Inaugural Burton High Fives Event