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Standard Definition HERO Video Format

The Standard Definition HERO camera records in motion-jpeg AVI format.

Standard Definition HERO Shortened Recording Times

Shortened recording times typically come down to the batteries that you're using. We only recommend using NiMH rechargeable batteries OR Energizer Lithium batteries to get the best performance and longest battery life. In the cold, use only Lithium batteries as those are not as affected by cold temperatures. The Lithium batteries are not rechargeable however which makes the NiMH good to have in your battery arsenal. Alkaline batteries are not ideal for digital cameras especially for video mode. Alkaline tend to have voltage drops which can cause the camera to go... Read More »

Type of Batteries to Use in the Standard Definition HERO Camera

The Standard Definition HERO cameras run on 2 AAA batteries. We highly suggest using ENERGIZER LITHIUM or ENERGIZER Rechargeable NiMH (900 or higher mAh) batteries to get the best performance.

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