GoPro GPL Libraries for HERO3+ and HERO3
LibraryLicenseVersionModifiedWebsiteSource Code
autoconf GNU GPLv2 v2.65 No autoconf-2.65.tar.bz2
automake GNU GPLv2 v1.11.1 No automake-1.11.1.tar.bz2
bandwidth GPL v0.26c No bandwidth-0.26c.tar.bz2
Busybox GNU GPLv2 v1.19.3 No
cherokee GNU GPLv2 v1.2.101 Yes cherokee-1.2.101.tar.gz
dnsmasq GNU GPLv2 v2.59 No dnsmasq-2.59.tar.gz
e2fsprogs GNU GPLv2/GNU LGPLv2 v1.41.14 No automake-1.11.1.tar.bz2
fakeroot GNU GPLv2 v1.9.5 No fakeroot_1.9.5.tar.gz
fuse GNU LGPL + GNU GPL v2.8.6 No fuse-2.8.6.tar.gz
json-c MIT License v0.9 No json-c-0.9.tar.gz
LibFuse GNU LGPLv2.0 + GNU GPLv2 v2.8.6 No fuse-2.8.6.tar.gz
libslack GNU GPLv2 v0.6 No libslack-0.6.tar.gz
live   v2012.02.04 No   live.2012.02.04.tar.gz
lzo GNU GPL v2.06 No lzo-2.06.tar.gz
m4 GNU LGPL v1.4.15 No m4-1.4.15.tar.bz2
module-init-tools GNU GPLv2 v1.4.15 No module-init-tools-3.12.tar.bz2
mtd-utils GNU GPL v1.4.6 No mtd-utils-1.4.6.tar.bz2
OpenSSL OpenSSL (Apache-style) License 1.0.0e No openssl-1.0.0e.tar.gz
strace BSD License v4.5.20 No strace-4.5.20.tar.bz2
wireless_tools GNU GPL v29 No wireless_tools.29.tar.gz
zlib free v1.2.5 No zlib-1.2.5.tar.bz2
compiler toolchain   2009q3-67 No arm-2009q3-67-arm-none-linux-gnueabi-i686-pc-linux-gnu.tar.bz2
Linux Kernel No kernel.tar.gz
GoPro GPL Libraries for HERO4
HERO4-GoPro Open Source Software Notice
LibraryLicenseVersionModifiedWebsiteSource Code
autoconf GPLv3+ with exceptions 2.69 No autoconf-2.69.tar.gz
automake GPLv2+ 1.11.6 No automake-1.11.6.tar.gz
avahi LGPLv2.1+ 0.6.31 No avahi-0.6.31.tar.gz
axTLS BSD Like 1.4.9 No
bison GPLv3+ 2.7.1 No bison-2.7.1.tar.gz
boost Boost License 1.50.0 No
buildroot GPLv2+ 2013.08-git-dirty No
busybox GPLv2 1.21.1 No busybox-1.21.1.tar.bz2
ccache GPLv3+, others 3.1.8 No ccache-3.1.8.tar.bz2
cgic CGIC Licensea 205 No
cherokee GNU GPLv2 v1.2.101 Yes cherokee-1.2.101.tar.gz
cityhash MIT License 1.1.1 No cityhash-1.1.1.tar
civetweb MIT License 1.6 No civetweb-1.6.tar
cJSON MIT License R58 No
curl MIT/X derivate license 7.37.0 No
dnsmasq Dual GPLv2/GPLv3 2.66 No dnsmasq-2.66.tar.gz
e2fsprogs GPLv2 BSD-3c MIT with advertising clause 1.42.8 No e2fsprogs-1.42.8.tar.gz
expat MIT 2.1.0 No expat-2.1.0.tar.gz
fakeroot GPLv3+ 1.18.2 No fakeroot_1.18.2.orig.tar.bz2
flex FLEX 2.5.37 No flex-2.5.37.tar.gz
gettext GPLv2+ 0.18.3 No gettext-0.18.3.tar.gz
gmock BSD-3c 1.7.0 No
gtest BSD-3c 1.7.0 No
iniparser MIT 3.1 No
intltool GPLv2+ 0.50.2 No intltool-0.50.2.tar.gz
iperf BSD 2.0.5 No iperf-2.0.5.tar.gz
libdaemon LGPLv2.1+ 0.14 No libdaemon-0.14.tar.gz
libexif LGPLv2.1 0.6.21 No
libjpeg-turbo BSD-3c 1.2.1 No
libnl LGPLv2.1 3.2.21 No libnl-3.2.21.tar.gz
libpcap BSD-3c 1.4.0 No libpcap-1.4.0.tar.gz
libquicktime LGPLv2.1 1.2.4 No
libtool GPLv2+ 2.4.2 No libtool-2.4.2.tar.gz
libzip BSD Revised 0.11.2 No
linux GPLv2 custom No
lzo GNU GPL v2.06 No lzo-2.06.tar.gz
lzop GPLv2+ 1.03 No lzop-1.03.tar.gz
m4 GPLv3+ 1.4.16 No m4-1.4.16.tar.bz2
memtester GPLv2 4.3.0 No memtester-4.3.0.tar.gz
module-init-tools GPLv2+ 3.15 No module-init-tools-3.15.tar.bz2
mtd GPLv2 1.5.0 No mtd-utils-1.5.0.tar.bz2
ncurses MIT with advertising clause 5.9 No ncurses-5.9.tar.gz
network_turnkey MIT 1 No
openssl OpenSSL or SSLeay 1.0.1h No openssl-1.0.1h.tar.gz
openssl OpenSSL or SSLeay 1.0.1 No
pkgconf pkgconf license 0.8.9 No pkgconf-0.8.9.tar.bz2
ruby BSD-2C No
sqlite-autoconf Public Domain 30801000 No
tcpdump BSD-3c 4.4.0 No tcpdump-4.4.0.tar.gz
tcpdump BSD 4.1.1 No
wireless_tools GNU GPL v29 No wireless_tools.29.tar.gz
wt GPLv2 3.2.2-p1 No
zlib zlib license 1.2.8 No zlib-1.2.8.tar.xz
zxing Apache License 2.1 No
GoPro Modifications — GoPro shares its modifications to GPL-licensed code
cherokee GNU GPLv2 v1.2.101 Source Code
ambafs GNU GPLv2 v1.2.101 Source Code


This code is included in current GoPro HERO products however may not be used in future GoPro products.