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Bodyboard Mount Use Cases

The Bodyboard Mount is designed to capture POV footage or Selfies from different positions on foam (soft top) boards. Body Boards Soft Top Surfboards Stand Up Paddle boards (Foam Only: for fiberglass boards refer customer to Surf Mount) Use outside of these recommendations are not covered under warranty Compatibility Information Compatible with all GoPro waterproof Housings, not advised for use with Skeleton Back doors, Frame Mount, or Skeleton Housings for waterproofing reasons. Recommended for use with Floaty Back Door in addition to included tether when used in challenging conditions. Mounts to... Read More »

3-Way Mount Use Cases

The 3-Way Mount is very versatile mount that has the following uses: Filming oneself “Selfing” during action sports Filming others Filming over crowds (using articulating joints) Tripod for stable platform for photography/time lapse Handle for hand held filming including water activities Using the extended arm the camera can be positioned closer to the action. Examples include, but are not limited to: Close up filming of animals when diving/snorkeling Close up shots of a buddy who’s skiing/snowboarding/skating Note: The mount is waterproof (to approx. 10m) and comprised of plastic and metal hinge/fastener... Read More »

Unable to Fully Close the 3-Way

If you are unable to fully fold and close up the 3-Way Mount, it is likely that you are not pressing the button that enables it to fold up. To close the 3-Way Mount, press and hold the button at the top of the handle, and then fold the 3-Way Mount closed.

Sportsman Mount Use Cases

Question What are some specific designed uses for the Sportsman Mount? Where does it apply? Compatible with all GoPro Cameras. Answer Here are the designed uses for the Sportsman Mount, uses outside of these are not covered under warranty: With the included hardware, you can use the housing for your specific model of camera. The Waterproof or Skeleton Housing can be used depending on weather and environmental conditions. Using The Frame Mount - The Frame Mount can be used when the mount is attached to a fishing rod or bow. This... Read More »

How to Attach the Dive Filters

What are you trying to do? Properly attach the Dive Filters to the camera housing. Where does it apply? Dive Housing Standard Housing Blackout Housing Dual HERO System How to do it Attach the Dive Filter with the GoPro logo facing the outside edge of the housing (away from the camera lens). Attaching in this way: Makes it significantly easier to remove the filter, especially on the Dive Housing. Allows for the best tethering positions. Here are a couple of images showing the correct way to attach Dive Filters to the... Read More »