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HD-SDI Converter Compatibility

We have tested the following HD-SDI converters and they are compatible: Atomos Connect HDMI/HD-SDI converter BlackMagic Design Mini Converter HDMI to SDI Datavideo DAC-70 UP/Down/Cross Converter The supported resolutions are dependent on what these converters can support. For example we have found that using 720-120 outputs [720p (progressive) and 60 fps] successfully.

HERO3+ Camera Gets Stuck During the Update Process

In some rare cases you may encounter an issue where the HERO3+ Black Edition or HERO3+ Silver Edition camera gets stuck indefinitely while updating and never fully completes the update process. If this happens, please follow these steps to resolve the issue: Remove and reinsert the battery. Press the Power button to power ON the camera. The update should then complete as expected. If the update does not complete, wait 5 minutes and then remove and reinsert the battery again. Press the Power button to power ON the camera. If you... Read More »

Advanced Protune Controls Explained

With HERO3+ Black Edition version HD3.11.02.00 and higher, there are advanced Protune™ controls for Color, ISO Limit, Sharpness and Exposure. These advanced Protune settings provide a greater degree of control compared to the previous Protune implementation. Note: These Protune options can be adjusted in both the camera and the GoPro App. Setting Explanations (*) denotes the default settings White Balance White Balance adjusts the overall color tone of videos. You can make adjustments to White Balance when shooting in Protune mode. Auto* 3000K (for use in warm light, eg. incandescent, sunrise/sunset)... Read More »

Dual HERO System Battery Information

Can the cameras be plugged into power while the cameras are recording?Yes, you can plug the Dual HERO System BacPac into power while recording. You can also use the combo cable while recording for a mic and power. Can you use the Dual HERO System if the two camera batteries are both not fully charged, or at the same charge level?Yes, the two camera batteries do not need to be equally charged. When one camera battery dies, the camera LCD will say 3D lost sync and recording will stop. Does one... Read More »

Dual HERO System SD Card Information

What happens if an SD card failed on one camera and not the other? If the SD card fails, and the camera recognizes the error it will show that 3D is out of sync and stop the recording on both cameras. If the SD card fails, but the camera does not recognize it then the cameras will continue to record; when the files are uploaded if they are corrupt it will not be able to create 3D footage. If this happens you can either create a 2D clip from the card... Read More »

Dual HERO System Workflow - Setup and Recording

Setup and recording with the Dual Hero System is very easy and straight forward. If you know how to record with a GoPro previously, you are already ~90% there. Setup Step 1 - Get your cameras and SD cards Before getting started, you will need 2 Hero3+ Black edition cameras running the same firmware (2.0 or higher). We recommend having 2 identical SD cards (both class 10, both formatted, and preferably the same brand) You can use 2 different SD cards, but it is imperative to be sure that they are... Read More »

Dual HERO System Requirements

In order to use the Dual HERO System there are a few requirements that must be met: To use the Dual HERO System Both HERO3+ Black Edition cameras updated to software version 2.0. The HERO3+ Black Edition is the only camera model that is supported by the Dual HERO System. The Dual HERO System BacPac version 1.17. To use the GoPro App with the Dual HERO System GoPro App 2.3 or higher installed on a supported mobile device. To use GoPro Studio with the Dual HERO System GoPro Studio Mac: ( Read More »

Distance Between Lenses in the Dual HERO System

From the center of the lenses, the two cameras are approximately 33.5mm apart.

Capturing Time-lapse Photos and Recording Video at the Same Time with the Dual HERO System

You can capture time-lapse photos and record video at the same time when using Dual HERO Mode. Dual Hero Mode enables the user to capture video from the master camera while separately recording full 12mp time-lapse from the slave camera. Both cameras will display their individual status screens for the respective mode that they are shooting in (video for master and time-lapse for slave).

Unable to Delete 3D Files or Format an SD Card From the GoPro App

This is a normal, designed feature to eliminate the risk of loosing desired 3D footage. You can’t delete 3D files or format the SD card from the App. The trash can and formatting options will no longer be available in the App when connected to a Dual HERO System.