To make sure your HD HERO cameras have the latest features, you will need to update your product by
downloading & installing the latest software.



Current Software: HD1.01.01.102
Release Date: 6/4/2012
Changes: Wi-Fi compatibility

NOTE: This Software Update is only for the HD HERO camera. If you have the HERO3, HD HERO2, or HD HERO 960, please DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

Download Thank you! Click above to download the latest HD HERO Camera software (.bin), and see above for instructions.


Before updating your HD HERO camera, please follow the instructions below:

STEP 1: Camera Software Download & Transfer

WATCH DEMO: Apple / MACWindows / PC

  1. Download the firmware.bin file to your computer
  2. Drag & Drop “firmware.bin” to the main (root) level of your SD card
  3. With the camera powered OFF, eject card from computer & insert into camera

STEP 2: Installing New Software on Your Camera

WATCH DEMO: How To Install Camera Software

  1. While camera is OFF, hold down the SHUTTER button (top button)

    NOTE: The SHUTTER button must be pressed down for the entire installation process. Do not release until process is complete.
  2. Still holding down the SHUTTER button, press the POWER MODE button (front button) once. Camera will power on.

    While still holding SHUTTER button down, once the file counter registers the SD card, press the POWER MODE button again (3 times) until the display reads “UP”. The red light will flash for 5-10 seconds before automatically shutting itself OFF.

Congratulations, your new camera software is installed and the camera will be reset to the new updated software settings.