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Why Are There Exclamation Marks on the Video and Photo of The Day in the GoPro App?

The reason for this may vary depending on what type of device you have. If you have an iOS Device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) One of the following reasons is likely the cause: You do not have internet connection via your carrier's cellular network. You are not connected to any Wi-Fi network. If you have an Android device One of the following reasons is likely the cause: You do not have internet connection via your carrier's cellular network. You are not connected to any Wi-Fi network (It cannot be the camera's Wi-Fi).... Read More »

GoPro App: Preview Window Flashes Green and/or Purple

When the camera preview window flashes green and/or purple, this means that preview has been lost temporarily. Don’t worry though… If camera control or preview is lost, the camera will remain in the last triggered state. This means that it will not stop recording if it was recording when the App’s connection was lost. This issue should be resolved with the latest version of the GoPro App, so make sure that you have updated. In order to properly use the latest version of the GoPro App, make sure you have the... Read More »

Will My Data Plan be Affected by Downloading Files From My Camera to My Phone?

No. Transferring files to your phone from your camera uses the camera's ad-hoc Wi-Fi network so your data plan will not be affected.

When Recording in Time-lapse Mode, Why Does the Preview Say BUSY?

This is by design. It's because the camera is taking pictures so quickly that it doesn't have time to refresh the image on the App each time.

Why Should I Download Video or Photo Files to My Mobile Device in the GoPro App?

There are a couple of benefits in downloading video or photos to your mobile device: It is required to download the files if you want to share them via your phone through email, social media, or text message. If your SD card is getting full it is a convenient way to save the files.

My Video Preview in the GoPro App Will Not Display Horizontally in Landscape

If you cannot rotate your device to display video horizontally, it is likely that you have Screen Rotation disabled on your mobile device. The way in which this is enabled or disabled varies by device manufacturer. Generally this setting is found in the main device settings. If you are unable to locate it, please consult the device manufacturer for assistance.

Can I Playback My Video In Slow Motion On My Mobile Device?

No, you cannot do this with the GoPro App or with the phones native applications. There are apps that will do this, but we do not have any specific recommendation, so feel free to search for Apps that will adjust playback speed.

Using the GoPro App to Change Your Camera's Wi-Fi Name and Password

This article describes the process to update your camera's Wi-Fi Name and Password from your mobile device. If you can't remember what your Wi-Fi credentials are you can use our website based flow to manually update your Wi-Fi Password: GoPro Product Updates Page. Once at this page, just click the Start Now button to begin. With App v2.2 it is required to change the camera's Wi-Fi Name and Password the first time it is used. You will be presented with a screen to do this the first time you use the... Read More »

What are the Advantages of Using Wi-Fi Over Bluetooth?

You may wonder why the GoPro cameras use Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth to communicate with the Remote and GoPro App. Wi-Fi has several advantages over Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE* including: Higher Bandwidth Better Range Lower Latency Higher Bit-Rate Better Security *Bluetooth LE has the same functionality as Bluetooth however it has lower energy consumption.

Blank White Screen in the Settings Menu on the GoPro App

When selecting the Settings option to try and change the HERO3+ camera Wi-Fi Name and/or Password, the Settings screen appears blank or white. It may appear like this: If you are seeing this, it is likely that you do not have the latest GoPro App version installed properly. iCloud Users If you have installed the GoPro App and the app is saved in iCloud, it is important to note that the version saved in iCloud may not be the latest GoPro App version. So if at any point you remove the... Read More »