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GoPro App - Downloading High Resolution vs. Low Resolution Video

This article compares the differences and benefits of downloading high resolution and low resolution video. Video Quality High resolution videos are better quality, but depending on your intended use, a low resolution file might be good enough. If you are looking to share video online the low resolution videos will still look good. Try it out to see if you like it, that's the best way to determine what will work best for you. Note: Playback via the app is always low resolution because it takes a lot of data and... Read More »

HERO3 and HD HERO2 Resolutions Supported by GoPro App Preview (iOS and Android OS)

The following chart shows the supported video resolutions for video preview in the GoPro App. *If preview doesn't start using 960p, try using a different resolution such as: 1080p or 720p

Can You Edit Photos or Videos in the GoPro App?

No, but there are other apps which will allow this. For example, Instagram and Camera Roll will allow this. There are other apps as well, but we do not have any specific recommendations.

Is it Possible to Connect and Control Multiple Cameras in the GoPro App?

This is not currently supported. You will need to switch between wireless networks for each camera, so it will connect to one camera at a time.

How to View, Copy, and Delete Media Using the GoPro App

The GoPro Media folder is a new feature allowing users to view, copy, and delete media on the SD card through the GoPro Wi-Fi connection between the GoPro App and the camera. View From the connect and control menu Copy From Full Screen View Delete

Updating Camera Software for GoPro App Compatibility

In order to use the new features in the latest GoPro App update, it is requires to update your GoPro camera software. If you do not update your camera software you will get a message within the GoPro App that states: "Firmware Update Required". For information on how to update your firmware, see the following FAQs: HERO3 instructions HD HERO2 instructions

Choppy Video Playback on Mobile Devices

In some cases you may notice that video is choppy when playing back higher resolution videos that have been downloaded through the GoPro App and played back on a phone. Some phones can have a difficult time playing back high resolution video smoothly. If playback is choppy the actual video file is likely fine, it is just a playback issue on the specific phone and will likely play back smoothly on other players As a workaround, you can try using 1080-30 or downloading the low resolution videos instead. For more information,... Read More »

GoPro App - Where Do I see the GoPro Album After Saving a File To It?

The GoPro Album is in the same place where you access your other photo albums on your phone (Camera Roll, Gallery, etc.). Note: On some Android devices you may find that a separate GoPro Album is not created and the files are saved to the default Gallery.

How Do I View My Camera's Battery Level in the GoPro App?

If you are connected to your camera you find the battery percentage level in the Settings menu. You can enter settings by pressing the wrench icon in the lower right of the Command and Control screen.

Why Are There Exclamation Marks on the Video and Photo of The Day in the GoPro App?

The reason for this may vary depending on what type of device you have. If you have an iOS Device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) One of the following reasons is likely the cause: You do not have internet connection via your carrier's cellular network. You are not connected to any Wi-Fi network. If you have an Android device One of the following reasons is likely the cause: You do not have internet connection via your carrier's cellular network. You are not connected to any Wi-Fi network (It cannot be the camera's Wi-Fi).... Read More »