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GoPro Studio Update History - Windows

2.5.7 (4 Oct. 2015) Hero+ fisheye lens reduction support On Windows 10: OS version detection during install, and instructions that explaining how to get a Windows 10 compatible version of QuickTime (a Studio dependency) On Windows: fixed bug where clicking on desktop icon multiple times in quick succession caused Studio to hang 2.5.6 (1 July 2015) Added support for HERO4 Session cameras Fixes software update vulnerability Increase stability and better error handling User Interface cleanup (1 June 2015) Support for HERO+ LCD Performance improvements and bug fixes 2.5.4 (22 December... Read More »

What is Studio Flux and How Does it Work?

Question What is Flux and how does it work? Where does it apply? GoPro Studio 2.5 Answer Flux™ enables super smooth ultra slow-motion and fast-motion speed changes. Flux analyzes the footage frame by frame, inserts new frames as needed, and blends them all together to smooth out the action. While editing your clips in STEP 2, Flux™ will automatically be enabled when you change the speed of the clip. Mac Windows Once you are ready to export your edit, you will be able to apply Flux™ to the clips where it... Read More »

How to Update Cameras Through GoPro Studio

What are you trying to do? How to update the HERO and HERO4 cameras through GoPro Studio Where does it apply? GoPro Studio 2.5 How to do it When an update is available for the HERO and HERO4 cameras, GoPro Studio will detect the camera and prompt you to download and install the update. Step 1: To begin, you must accept the terms of the License Agreement. Step 2: Studio will then download the appropriate files and transfer them to the camera. Step 3: Once The files are transferred, the camera... Read More »

Why Does the Export Process Take So Long?

Question Why does it take a long time to export my video with GoPro Studio? Where does it apply? GoPro Studio 2.5 Answer The Export process can take a long time for a variety of reasons: Long projects will take a long time to export. This is normal as processing video for export is taxing on the computer. Export times will be significantly longer if Flux™ is enabled on clips with speed changes. This is due to the extra processing as a result of analyzing the clips to smooth out the... Read More »

How to Use the GoPro Studio Importer

What are you trying to do? How to use the GoPro Studio Importer tool to import your videos and photos from your camera. Where does it apply? GoPro Studio 2.5 How to do it Set up the Importer Upon first use, GoPro Studio Importer will prompt you to use it as the default importer for GoPro cameras. Once you select Yes, you'll be prompted to give the camera that is plugged in a folder name and then select the location for the footage. You'll then be given the choice to set... Read More »

Unable to Encode into the GoPro Cineform Codec with 3rd Party Applications

What's the issue? When using GoPro Studio 2.5 in Windows, it is not possible to encode into the GoPro Cineform Codec with a 3rd party program. This may have worked normally for you with previous Studio versions installed. Where does it apply? GoPro Studio Windows How to fix it This can be resolved using the following workaround: Download the file renderVFW.exe. Locate the following folder path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Cineform\Tools​. Place renderVFW.exe into the Tools folder at the above location. The issue should now be resolved.

File Structure When Importing Using GoPro Studio Importer

GoPro Studio Importer will import pictures and videos in the file directory that was selected in the initial set up. GoPro Studio Importer will then save the files by the date they were taken, then by the camera that took the video and pictures, and then organize the media by type. An example file path can be seen below: Mac Windows Once all your clips are imported, you can then rename the date folder as the event name to make finding your videos/photos easier.

Tutorial Video - GoPro Studio Editing with a Template

Learn how to go from start to finish with your footage to create a great edit with GoPro Studio Templates.

Cameras are not importing through Mac 10.10.3

What's the issue? HERO and HERO3+ Black Edition cameras are not importing successfully either through GoPro Studio Importer or Image Capture and is reporting error "-9912". This is happening if the user has recently updated their Mac OS to 10.10.3. Where does it apply? GoPro Studio Importer HERO v. 1.07 HERO3+ Black v. 3.00 Mac OS 10.10.3 How to fix it At the moment, our engineers are looking into the issue on whether it is a camera firmware or OS issue. For the time being, you can use a microSD card... Read More »

GoPro Studio Fails to Launch

What's the issue? GoPro Studio fails to successfully launch after previously starting properly and creating a project. In some cases this may be accompanied by a crash as well. Where does it apply? GoPro Studio How to fix it Windows1. Open the "Task Manager" (you can do this by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE) and go into processes. If you see any instances of GoPro Studio, end the task and then try to reopen GoPro Studio. 2. Verify that your computer meets the minimum system requirements by comparing your computer's specs to our requirements... Read More »