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How to Install GoPro Studio in Windows

This article details the process to download and install GoPro Studio in Windows. If you are using a Mac, please see this article for installation assistance: How to Install GoPro Studio on a Mac. Note: The screenshots shown in this article were taken using Windows 7. Other versions of Windows will be similar. Download GoPro Studio Step 1: Go to the GoPro Studio product page on the GoPro website. Step 2: At the bottom of the page choose your Operating System, enter your email address. Step 3: Click the “Download Now”... Read More »

Using GoPro Studio with Microsoft Surface Pro

If you are using GoPro Studio with a Microsoft Surface Pro and are having crashing problems, you should be able to resolve the problem by installing the following driver for the Intel HD 4000 graphics adapter: Intel HD 4000 Graphics Driver. Note: Windows Update may not automatically find this update in some cases, you may need to go to the Intel site directly to get it.

GoPro Studio Export Failure

In some rare cases you may encounter an issue where exporting to an MP4 file fails in GoPro Studio. If you run into this issue, the following steps should resolve the issue: Make sure that you have the latest version of GoPro Studio installed. You can download the latest version here. Update your graphics card driver to the latest version available from the graphics card or computer manufacturers website. If you already have the latest graphics card driver installed, please try reinstalling it. Make sure that there are not any non-English... Read More »

How to Resolve GoPro Studio Installation Issues on a Mac

If you are experiencing problems trying to install GoPro Studio, we should be able to help you out. The most common issue when installing GoPro Studio is to get a message stating "Install failed, contact the manufacturer". If this occurs, give these steps a try: OS X 10.8 or greater is required. Make sure that you meet this requirement. Launch Disk Utility from the Mac Utilities folder. Select Macintosh HD in the panel on the left. Click on 'Repair Disk' in the bottom right. Click on 'Repair Disk Permissions' in the... Read More »

How to Share GoPro Video to Social Sharing Apps

This article describes processes to share video to Instagram or other social sharing sites. If you want to share a file from the GoPro App Once photos or videos have been copied to the device’s native photo album the user can share the photos or videos through email, text, and social media sites instantly. Steps to access the files and how to share are below: iOS Go to the device’s photo album Select GoPro Album Select Thumbnail Select the share icon Select from the options available Android Go to 'My GoPro... Read More »

Dual HERO System Workflow - Working With GoPro Studio

File preparation On your desktop, please create a new folder where you plan to save your 3D video and photos, converted files, and project file. Once the folder is created, plug the USB cable into the mini USB port on your Dual HERO BacPac (with the two cameras connected) and connect the other end to your computer. If the two cameras are initially off, they will display two solid red lights indicating a charge. Press the Mode Button on the Master camera and it will prompt both cameras to mount on... Read More »

How to Upload 3D Video to YouTube

This article describes the process to upload and view 3D video on YouTube. Step 1: Create and Export the 3D file Create and Export a 3D video from GoPro Studio. Here are the available Export preset options in GoPro Studio: 2D: Exports a two dimensional video Side by Side for Youtube 3D: For YouTube viewing. YouTube will provide various view options for your user to view the 3D video online. You will need to change the 3D settings in YouTube under Advanced and indicate the uploaded video is 3D. Anaglyph (Red/Cyan):... Read More »

GoPro Studio 2.5 (Mac) Known Issues

General Export Crashes on certain machines when exporting a large project with flux. "Please Name Your Project" prompt appears when Autosave is off. Autosave prompts user to "recover" even when save is clean. Reconnecting to files only looks at file name, causes export failure. I.E. It's possible to reconnect to offline media with incorrect media if it has the same file name as the original source. Autosave indicator is not displaying in the UI. Import & Convert Importer still imports when user has opted out. Delete key doesn't work for conversion... Read More »

GoPro Studio 2.5 (Windows) Known Issues

General After Saving a project, attempting to close the application still prompts "project has not been saved". CineForm AVI files do not show video thumbnails in windows explorer. Opening a project with Flux previously enabled on a clip is not saved. Changing install path to a different drive causes Studio to not work. Can't minimize Studio while Exporting. Audio controls are not remembered between project loads. Systems where the Username or the User folder itself (in this case "Usuários") contains non-English or special characters causes Templates to not work. GoPro Studio... Read More »

GoPro Studio Update History - Mac

2.5.7 (4 Oct. 2015) Hero+ fisheye lens reduction support Fixed fisheye removal for HERO+ LCD 720p Superview Increase stability and better error handling 2.5.6 (1 July 2015) Added support for HERO4 Session cameras Fixes software update vulnerability Increase stability and better error handling User Interface cleanup (1 June 2015) Support for HERO+ LCD Performance improvements and bug fixes 2.5.4 (22 December 2014) Flux is OFF by default Auto-save will be opt in rather than automatic Performance improvements and bug fixes 2.5 (2 October 2014) UPDATES Automatically import your GoPro media... Read More »