This article is for the Standard Def. HERO camera only.  If you a more modern camera, please search for the appropriate article.

  1. The camera will not turn on.
    • Remove the SD card and batteries from the camera.
    • If you are using alkaline or NiCad batteries, please try a new or fully charged set of the recommended Energizer Lithium or NiMH rechargeable batteries. (Please note, new NiMH rechargeable batteries will not come charged out of the packaging. They will need to be charged with the appropriate charger before use)
    • Insert the batteries, ensuring that they are placed in the correct orientation. (If you are looking at the battery compartment with the optical viewfinder on top, the TOP battery should be have the positive end going to the left. The BOTTOM battery should have the positive end going to the right.)
    • Try to power on the camera with no SD card.
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  3. The camera will not turn on when a SD card is inserted.
    • Please check that your card is correctly formatted in FAT, FAT16, or FAT32. Any other format will prevent the camera from powering on.
    • If you have an older, 3 megapixel HERO camera, the camera will only be able to power on with standard SD cards of up to 2GB in FAT or FAT16 format.
    • If the card is correctly formatted, please try out a different card since SD cards can sometimes be faulty and prevent the camera from powering on.
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  5. The SD card sticks out of the camera, or doesn't lock into place.
    • Most likely the SD card is not being pushed in far enough to lock into place. You really need to use your fingernail to push it in past flush until you hear a clicking sound, at which point the card will lock into place.
    • Here are full instructions for insertion and removal of the SD card: Insert the memory card with the metal contacts going into the slot first and facing up at you. In other words the SD card label should be upside down when you insert it this way. You need to push the card in past flush to have the spring mechanism lock the card into place. To get the card out of the slot, push the card in past flush and then the spring mechanism will release it. You will hear a click when the card locks into place or is released from the slot.
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  7. The camera will not initiate recording.
    • Check the memory card to make sure the locking tab on the side of the SD card is not in the 'locked' position.
    • Using your computer, check under properties Windows or disk info (Mac) to see how much memory is available on the card or internal memory. (even if there are 0 files on the SD card, there can sometimes be 'mystery' data taking up space on the SD card) If the card or internal memory has no space available, you will need to reformat the SD card or internal memory to free up the space.
    • Try another memory card to see if the card is the problem.
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  9. There is no sound when I playback videos.
    • Please make sure you have the correct HI/LO sound setting selected for your application. With the LO sound setting and the camera in the waterproof housing, you will not pick up normal speech.
    • If not picking up any sound on the appropriate setting, and you are playing the video on a computer running Windows Vista, then it is a glitch with Vista. You will need the following service pack update from Microsoft to have audio playback in Windows Media Player or Movie Maker:
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  11. The batteries do not last very long.
    • It is not recommended that you use Alkaline batteries. Lithium batteries have the best results and longest battery life. Rechargeable NiMH are another option in mild weather.
    • Is it cold out? Battery life can definitely be affected by the cold! Please make sure you only use Energizer Lithium batteries in the cold, as any other battery type will perform poorly. In cold temps, you can expect about half of the normal run time when using the Energizer Lithium batteries.
    • Still having shortened records with a good set of the recommended batteries? Please contact our support team for assistance (
  13. The computer won't recognize the camera when I plug it in.
    • Restart the computer.
    • Try plugging the cable into the camera and computer with camera off.
    • Make sure the USB cable connection is good on both ends.
    • Power up the camera and the computer should recognize the camera/SD card as an external disk drive.
    • Also, please be sure to try and connect the camera without a SD card inserted. If the camera is recognized without a SD card, then there is most likely a compatibility issue with the computer and SD card. In that case, you will want to reformat the card using a separate SD card slot or SD card reader (make sure you have downloaded any files that you want to save before reformatting)
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  15. The photo and video files do not have the correct date and time stamped.
    • The standard definition HERO cameras do not have a control module for the date/time stamp, so a random date and time is permanently set for all files. There is no way to adjust the date/time stamp.
  17. All of the shooting mode icons are continuously blinking.
    • When all of the shooting mode icons blink continuously, it is to indicate that you have the UPd (upside down) setting selected. You should only be using the UPd setting if mounting the camera upside down in order to have the camera automatically record the image right side up.

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