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Standard Definition HERO Does Not Power On

Where does it apply?

  • Standard Definition HERO

How to fix it

We only recommend using NiMH rechargeable batteries OR Energizer Lithium batteries to get the best performance and longest battery life.  In the cold, use only Lithium batteries as those are not as affected by cold temperatures.  The Lithium batteries are not rechargeable however which makes the NiMH good to have in your battery arsenal.

Alkaline batteries are not ideal for digital cameras especially for video mode.  Alkaline tend to have voltage drops which can cause the camera to go into auto-save mode before shutting down due to “low” batteries.  This is why we only recommend using the NiMH rechargeable or Lithium battery types.
If you haven’t already, please be sure to try out the recommended batteries.  Please note that new NiMH batteries do not come charged out of the packaging, they will need to be charged with their charger before use.

As an incompatible, faulty, or incorrectly inserted SD card can prevent the camera from powering on, please be sure to try out the camera without a SD card inserted.  If a faulty or incompatible SD card has been used you may need to remove and reinsert the batteries in order to reset the camera.

As sometimes the batteries can be positioned incorrectly, please make sure they are in the correct orientation:
Please make sure that the positive and negative ends of the batteries are pointed in the right direction.  If you are looking at the battery compartment with the optical viewfinder on top, the TOP battery should be have the positive end going to the left.  The BOTTOM battery should have the positive end going to the right.

If you are unable to power on the camera without a SD card inserted and a new or fully charged set of the recommended batteries are in the correct orientation, please use the Contact GoPro link to get in touch with a GoPro Customer Support Representative