What are some specific designed uses for the Sportsman Mount?

Where does it apply?

  • Compatible with all GoPro Cameras.


Here are the designed uses for the Sportsman Mount, uses outside of these are not covered under warranty:

  • With the included hardware, you can use the housing for your specific model of camera. The Waterproof or Skeleton Housing can be used depending on weather and environmental conditions.
  • Using The Frame Mount - The Frame Mount can be used when the mount is attached to a fishing rod or bow. This will also depend on environmental conditions as The Frame Mount does not provide any protection (especially water) for the camera.
  • When used for hunting, we recommend that the LED's are turned off as well as the sound that the camera emits.
  • For an even more stealthy look, we recommend using the Blackout Housing with the Blackout stickers.

Not recommended uses

  • When using with a firearm, we recommend against using any Extension Arms, BacPac Accessories, or any parts not included with the Sportsman Mount. This is due to the shock that is transmitted to the mount and using parts other than what is included could cause breakage and damage to or the loss of the camera.
  • We recommend against using The Frame Mount when used with a firearm.
  • We recommend against using the mount on any firearm that the mounting location gets too hot to touch.
  • We recommend against over-tightening the mount as this can cause damage to the item the mount is being attached to.