If you plan to use a USB charger to charge your camera or Battery BacPac, be sure to research the volts (V) and amps (A) that the charger outputs before you connect your camera or Battery BacPac to it.

Our cameras and Battery BacPacs require USB chargers that output 5V and 1A.  Using chargers that do not meet this requirement can potentially break your camera or Battery BacPac. 

To properly charge your camera, first power it off and disconnect the BacPac if one is attached.  Next, connect the camera to a USB port directly on the computer, preferably on the back of the computer if possible.  Alternatively, you can connect it to a USB wall charger that outputs 5V and 1A.  The front red LED should turn on to indicate charging.  

Leave the camera powered off and charging until the front red LED turns off.  Once the LED turns off, the camera is fully charged.  This can take up to 4 hours if the computer is used and up to 2 hours if a USB wall charger is used.

If the camera doesn't power on or the red LED doesn't light up, check out our Camera Will Not Power On troubleshooting instructions.