What are you trying to do?

View and edit videos on a computer.

Where does it apply

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • GoPro Studio

How to do it

To view and edit videos on a PC, you can use our free editing software GoPro Studio. GoPro Studio also lets you add titles, music, and basic transitions to your project. 

GoPro cameras create MP4 files. Many editing programs that support that format will also be able to work with the GoPro files.

If you have an existing video editor that does not support MP4 files, you also have the option of using GoPro Studio to convert your files into a format compatible with your particular editing program. GoPro Studio can convert the files into .MOV or .AVI.

Windows Media Player or Movie Maker (download the latest HD-capable version and also download a H.264 decoder to update media or movie maker). CoreCodec CoreAVC is one company that offers a codec pack for H.264. 

VLC Media Player is also a free downloadable video media player that supports MP4 H.264 files.

For other PC based editing programs, we have had several customers give good reviews of the Pinnacle Studio HD editing software which is compatible with the MP4 files. Adobe Premier Elements PC based program that is compatible with MP4 files.