The LCD Touch BacPac backdoor has a thin plastic film across the back that lets you use the BacPac’s touch functionality even while in the housing. The backdoor’s thin plastic film can however be damaged if there is a big difference in air pressure between the inside and outside of the waterproof housing.  It's important that you are aware of the conditions that can cause this, so that you take the necessary precautions to prevent damage to the film. 

Here are some scenarios where the plastic film can become damaged:

  • If you close the door at sea level, with or without camera installed, and take it to high altitude, it will bulge and “blow out” (i.e. like bringing a bag of chips up to the top of a mountain)
  • If you close the door at high altitude with no camera installed, and come down to sea level, it will bulge inwards. (See THIS example.)
  • If you close the door at cold weather, and turn camera on, it will bulge out slightly (i.e. like heating up food in a closed Tupperware)

If you plan to use the camera in any such scenarios, we recommend that you do not use the LCD touch door, but rather the fully sealed waterproof door or skeleton back door.

To avoid damaging the plastic film during travel, be sure to either detach the backdoor from the housing or leave the housing open.  You should also be sure to seal the housing in a warm environment and power on the camera to let the air in the housing warm up before taking it out into cold weather.