If you can't control your HERO3 camera with your Wi-Fi Remote, try pairing the two devices.  In most cases, this corrects the issue.  If it doesn't, use the "Contact Us" form to contact a GoPro Tech Support Rep so we can help you out.


Here’s how to pair your HERO3 Camera and Wi-Fi Remote:

To get started, make sure your camera and remote have a full charge and are powered OFF.


Part 1 - Get your HERO3 camera ready for pairing mode

1. Power ON the HERO3 camera.

2. Press the Wi-Fi button on the left side of the camera with the lens facing you. You’ll see a blue LED blink every couple of seconds to show that you camera’s Wi-Fi is turned on.

3. Now that the blue LED is blinking, press the Wi-Fi button one more time to show the Wi-Fi menu on the camera’s front LCD screen. Now that you’re in the Wi-Fi menu, you need to select some settings. To navigate the menu, use the camera’s front (Power) button to highlight menu options. Use the camera’s top (Shutter) button to make selections.

4. In the Wi-Fi menu, press the camera’s front button until “Wi-Fi RC” is highlighted.

5. Now that it’s highlighted, you want to select it. Press the camera’s top button to select “Wi-Fi RC”.

6. On the next screen you’ll have some options. One of them is “New”. Press the front button until “New” is highlighted.  

7. Now set your camera aside and pick up the remote.


Part 2 - Remote pairing steps

1. With the remote powered OFF, press and hold the red Shutter button on the remote.

2. While continuing to hold the red button, press the white Power button once briefly. The remote will power on and show two arrows moving towards each other. You can let go of the red button at this time. Now the remote is in pairing mode.

3.  Put down your remote and pick up the camera again.


Part 3 - Finish pairing the WiFi Remote and HERO3 camera

1. "New" should still be highlighted on the camera.  Press the top Shutter button on your camera to select "New".

2. If you see “Detach current remote?” Highlight and select “Yes”. After that, you should see two arrows moving towards each other on the camera’s screen. This means that the camera is in pairing mode. Note – the camera is in pairing mode only when its screen shows the two arrows moving towards each other.

3. At this point, the camera and remote should both show arrows moving towards each other.  After one minute or less, the camera and remote should each show a checkbox on their screens.

4. If the Remote asks you to pair another, press the white button to highlight "No", then press the red button to select it.

5. If the remote shows a radiating Wi-Fi signal after the camera shows a checkbox, press the red button on the remote. This should make the Remote’s LCD screen mirror the camera’s front LCD screen, indicating that pairing was successful.



If the remote and camera are not able to connect, try these steps:

  1. Redo the software update on the camera and rename the Wi-Fi network and password.
  2. Try to pair the remote to the camera as a 'new' remote (i.e. select "Wi-Fi RC > New" in the camera's Wi-Fi menu).
  3. If pairing doesn't work, try to connect to the camera's Wi-Fi network with a phone/tablet. You'll need to switch the camera to "GoPro App" mode or "Phone/Tablet" mode in the camera's Wi-Fi menu first.