The HD HERO2 has a setting that lets you change the default start-up mode.

By default, the HD HERO2 starts up in Video mode.  You can set the camera to start up in Video or Time-lapse mode.


  1. Enter into the camera's settings menu by pressing the power/mode button to cycle through to the wrench picture.  The wrench represents the settings menu. 
  2. Press the shutter button to enter into the settings menu. 
  3. Press the power/mode button until you see MORE on the LCD screen.  This is where you can change the default start-up mode. 
  4. Enter into the MORE menu by pressing the shutter button.
  5. Press the power/mode button to scroll to the default mode setting, symbolized by a power button and the word mode.  This is where you can change your default start-up mode between Video, Photo, Burst, or Time Lapse. 
  6. Press the shutter button access this menu, then pick the default mode you want with the front power/mode button.  Then press the top shutter button to save the default start-up mode that you select.
Please Note:  When powering on the camera, you only need to do a quick press of the power button.  If you press and hold the power button for too long, it is essentially like pressing the power button a second time and will cause the camera to then switch to the next sequential shooting mode upon powering up, rather than the default mode.