The HERO3 Black and Silver Edition and HERO3+ Black Edition cameras let pro users manually adjust the white balance depending on what the shooting conditions are.  Here's an explanation:

•6500k: Cool white fluorescent skylight lighting.  This setting is great for indoors and settings with a lot of white light.
•5500k: Daylight or sunlit shooting.  This setting is great for daylight while shooting outside.
•3000k: Incandescent or sunrise/sunset lighting.  This setting is great for lower-light situations, where you want the camera to pick up detail without the help of a lot of surrounding light.
•Cam_Raw: Optimized color files.  This setting is great for situations where you want to get the most unadjusted footage that you can.  It's almost like taking a RAW picture with your DSLR - you get what the image sensor sees, and you can pull detail out of shadows or clouds in post-production.
For most users, we recommend keeping the White Balance setting on auto, as it is a pretty darn smart camera, and will do a great job of automatically adjusting the white balance to best suit the conditions for you.