The following chart shows the supported video resolutions for video preview in the GoPro App.

HERO3+ Black EditionSupported?    HERO3+ Silver EditionSupported?
4K 17:9 No   1080-60-W Yes
4K No   1080-60-M Yes
2.7K 17:9 No   1080-60-W Yes
2.7K No   1080-30-W Yes
1440-48-W No   1080-30-M Yes
1440-30-W Yes   1080-30-N Yes
1440-24-W Yes   960-60-W Yes
1080-48-SuperView No    960-30-W Yes
1080-30-SuperView Yes    720-120-W Yes 
1080-24-SuperView Yes    720-120-M Yes 
1080-60-W Yes   720-120-N Yes
1080-60-M Yes   720-60-W Yes
1080-60-N Yes   720-60-M Yes
1080-48-W Yes   720-60-N Yes
1080-30-W Yes   720-30-W Yes
1080-30-M Yes   720-30-M Yes
1080-30-N Yes   720-30-N Yes
1080-24-W Yes   WVGA-120 Yes
1080-24-M Yes   WVGA-60 Yes
1080-24-N Yes      
960-100-W No      
960-48-W Yes      
720-100-SuperView No      
720-60-SuperView Yes      
720-48-SuperView Yes      
720-120-W No      
720-120-N No      
720-60-W Yes      
WVGA-240 No      
Protune (all resolutions)  No       


*If preview doesn't start using 960p, try using a different resolution such as: 1080p or 720p