What are the supported resolutions for Playback and Copy in the GoPro App?

Where does it apply?

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Not all devices support Copy and Share in the same way. This article lays out the differences by device and capture mode.

Android Users:
Android devices do not have a strict set of video formats that are playable or not. The majority of current Android devices are capable of playing back most videos, even 4K. However, every Android phone is different, so you may see some stuttering or choppy playback on higher resolutions and frame rates.

iOS Users:
Please note that compatibility varies by device, camera model, and operating system version. Compatibility not guaranteed for all devices 
Protune™ video files are NOT supported for download for iOS.

Capture Mode iPhone 7, 6s and SE iPhone 6, 5s, 5c, 5 and 4s
Copy and Share Copy and Share
Photos YES YES
Time Lapse Video 4K NO NO
Time Lapse Video 2.7K NO NO
Time Lapse Video 1080p YES YES
4K 30 fps NO NO
4K 24 fps NO NO
2.7K 48fps     NO NO
2.7K 30fps YES NO
2.7K 24fps YES NO
2.7K 4:3 30fps NO NO
1440p 48fps YES NO
1440p 30fps YES NO
1440p 24fps YES NO
1080p 120fps NO NO
1080p 90fps NO NO
1080p 60fps YES YES
1080p 48fps YES YES
1080p 30fps YES YES
1080p 24fps YES YES
960p 120fps YES NO
960p 60fps YES YES
720p 240fps NO NO
720p 120fps YES YES
720p 60fps YES YES
720p 30fps YES YES
480p 240fps YES YES


Yes: Your device supports copy and sharing of these files in their original, high-resolution format.

No: Your device does not support copy, playback or sharing of files captures in these modes.