This article explains how to navigate though the camera’s settings menu to reformat the SD card.  To navigate though the menu, use the front (Power) button to move through the various menu options and the top (Shutter) button to select them.  

For a video demonstration on how to format the SD card using your GoPro camera, check out this article:  Formatting your SD Card from your GoPro Camera’s Settings Menu.

Here are the steps to reformat your SD card with your HD HERO Original: 

  1. Power ON your camera with the SD card inserted.
  2. Press the front (Power) button repeatedly until you see the wort SEt on the camera’s screen.
  3. Press the top (Shutter) button one time.
  4. Press the Power button repeatedly until you see ALL come up on the screen.
  5. Press the Shutter button one time and the word ALL will start flashing.
  6. Press the Shutter button one more time and the red light will flash on the camera to indicate that your SD card is being reformatted.
  7. Press the front (Power) button till you see ESC, then select the top (Shutter) button one time to return to your video mode.