You can get either the "Find Missing File" or "File Not Found" window in GoPro Studio. This can be caused by one of a few different reasons:

  1. The file was moved.
  2. The file was renamed.
  3. The file was deleted.

If the file was moved or renamed, you must find the file either in the new location or with the new name in the Find Missing File window. Then select the file and click Open.

If the file was deleted, you will need to re-import the file with the same name.

If you choose to cancel the Find Missing File window, you will be presented with a File Not Found window.

Important tip #1: After you have resolved the problem and have found all of the missing files, you must save your project. If you do not save the project, the next time you open it, you will have to go through the find file process again.

Important tip #2: It is recommended to have all of the content you are using on a local hard drive. If you leave content on an external hard drive, it is more likely to run into this type of situation.