What happens if an SD card failed on one camera and not the other? 

  • If the SD card fails, and the camera recognizes the error it will show that 3D is out of sync and stop the recording on both cameras.
  • If the SD card fails, but the camera does not recognize it then the cameras will continue to record; when the files are uploaded if they are corrupt it will not be able to create 3D footage.  If this happens you can either create a 2D clip from the card that didn't fail.
  • It is required to have two class 10 SD cards, one for each camera. The two SD cards do not need to be identical, but it is suggested for optimal performance.

What happens if one of your SD cards is a San Disk Ultra card, and the other is a different card from our supported SD card list?  

  • The cameras will individually interact with the SD card that has been inserted. If one camera has a San Disk Ultra card and you are using Protune, the Mbps will be reduced just for that camera’s footage. There may be a slight difference in quality between the two cameras when combined for the 3D footage. 

What happens if one SD card fills up before another?

  • The camera will provide a specific error message, SD full, and also let you know that 3D sync has been lost and will stop recording.

Why are the file numbers between the right and left camera not synchronous? 

  • Even thought the file numbers are different, the metadata will identify them as synchronous clips and will combine automatically in GoPro Studio for 3D editing.

Can one camera have a FAT32 SD card and the other have an exFAT SD card?

  • Yes, in testing so far it has been working fine.