Can the cameras be plugged into power while the cameras are recording?
Yes, you can plug the Dual HERO System BacPac into power while recording. You can also use the combo cable while recording for a mic and power.

Can you use the Dual HERO System if the two camera batteries are both not fully charged, or at the same charge level?
Yes, the two camera batteries do not need to be equally charged. When one camera battery dies, the camera LCD will say 3D lost sync and recording will stop.

Does one battery drain faster than another?
The batteries will drain differently based on the actions they are taking. Typically the two cameras will be taking the exact same actions when in 3D video,3D Photo, or 3D Time Lapse modes. When using Wi-Fi or Dual mode the cameras may drain power differently, the master (right) camera is taking more action by having Wi-Fi on, or taking video instead of photos in Dual mode.

Does the Dual HERO System BacPac share the battery power between the two cameras, like the Battery BacPac?
No, each camera’s battery will deplete and charge separately.

Can you charge the cameras when connected to the Dual HERO System BacPac with higher amperage?
No, the same requirements as regular charging apply, 5V 1A.

Is the dual charging similar to pass-thru charging with a Battery BacPac?
The Dual HERO System uses a method of charging which is different than what the Battery BacPac uses. Both batteries are charged at the same time, however one may charge slightly more quickly than the other.

What is the average battery life?
The battery life should be the same as if you were operating one camera. It will be based on the environment and settings that the customer is shooting with. The Dual HERO System BacPac does not draw any battery power and will not change the way in which the camera drains the battery.