GoPro 3D supports both Active and Passive 3D displays. When exporting from GoPro Studio the customer should select the side-by-side option for YouTube 3D.  The respective TV will know how to overlay the images to create a 3D video.

Active Display

  • Active Shutter TVs use electronic shutter glasses that are synchronized with your TV to only let each eye see one alternating image (left and right) at a time. The left and right images flash so quickly that the human eye is tricked into seeing both left and right images as one 3D image.
  • View 3D files in active formats on: Active 3D televisions using active shutter glasses.

Passive Display

  • Passive Display TVs display the left and right images at the same time on-screen, but in alternating scan lines. Each image's scan line is polarized in the opposite direction, so the human eye only sees one image at a time when wearing polarized glasses. This creates the illusion of seeing the 2 images simultaneously in 3D.
  • View 3D files in passive formats on: Passive 3D televisions using passive shutter glasses.