Continuous Photo mode allows you to capture a series of Photos continuously while holding down the Shutter button until you release the shutter button, or until the camera has taken 30 photos.

Continuous Photos can be taken at the following rates:

  • 3 photos every 1 second (3 SPS)
  • 5 photos every 1 second (5 SPS)
  • 10 photos every 1 second (10 SPS)

Note: Your camera will remain in the Continuous Photo mode until you return it to the Single photo capture setting option.

Also note: Once the camera has reached 30 photos - in any resolution or rate - it will stop taking photos and write them from the camera's buffer onto the SD card. This process will typically only take a few seconds, then you can proceed to take another Continuous Photo sequence.


If you are in Continuous Photo mode and you only get two images, it is likely because you pressed and released the shutter, rather than holding down the shutter to get the desired amount of photos.

If you get a batch of photos with a single press of the shutter button, it is likely that you are in Burst mode and not Continuous Photo mode. In this case you can go into the camera settings and select the correct option.