If your LCD screen is displaying the 'tEL' icon, it is to indicate that the camera is connected to a TV via the HD or AV component cables for photo/video playback.

If 'tEL' is being displayed while no HD or AV cable is connected to the camera, then there is a fault.  It could be a one time glitch being caused by a bad connection in the TV port in the camera.  Please try the following:

  1. Remove the battery from the camera.
  2. Insert and remove the HD and AV component cables from the TV output ports to clear up any possible faulty connection.
  3. Reinsert the battery into the camera.
  4. Power on the camera once more.

If the camera is still displaying 'tEL' with no cables connected after following the above steps, then unfortunately there could be a fault with the camera.  If so, please contact GoPro Customer Support for further assistance, by using the link at the lower right hand of the page.