With HERO3+ Black Edition version HD3.11.02.00 and higher, there are advanced Protune™ controls for Color, ISO Limit, Sharpness and Exposure.  These advanced Protune settings provide a greater degree of control compared to the previous Protune implementation.

NoteThese Protune options can be adjusted in both the camera and the GoPro App.

Setting Explanations

(*) denotes the default settings  

White Balance

White Balance adjusts the overall color tone of videos. You can make adjustments to White Balance when shooting in Protune mode.

  • Auto*
  • 3000K (for use in warm light, eg. incandescent, sunrise/sunset)
  • 5500K (for use in slightly cool light, eg. cool fluorescent, average daylight)
  • 6500K (for use in cool light, eg. overcast conditions)
  • CAM RAW (no compensation)
  • Native (HERO4 Only) (Industry standardized optimized color)


Color allows you to adjust the color profile of your video footage.

  • GoPro Color* - Delivers the same great color you capture when Protune is turned Off.
  • Flat – Results in a neutral color profile that can that can be color-corrected to better match footage captured with other equipment, offering more flexibility in post-production. Due to its log curve, Flat captures more details in shadows and highlights.

Note: For HERO3+ Black Edition versions earlier than HD3.11.02.00, the default and only color profile for Protune “ON” was Flat. The new default is GoPro color.

ISO Limit (Gain)

ISO Limit provides more control in low light conditions. It adjusts the camera’s sensitivity in low-light environments, and creates a balance between brightness and resulting image noise. A higher ISO Limit will result in brighter footage, but you may experience more noise. A lower ISO Limit will result in darker footage, but will deliver reduced noise. This setting does not impact shutter speed.

  • 6400* - Brighter video in low light, increased image noise. This setting is equivalent to the default in Protune “On” for versions prior to HD3.11.02.00
  • 1600 - Moderately bright video in low light, moderate image noise
  • 400 - Darker video in low light, reduced image noise 

Note: 6400 is equivalent to the default Protune “On”setting in versions earlier than HD3.11.02.00.

For photo (HERO4 only)

  • 800 (Default) - Brighter photo in very low light, increased image noise
  • 400 - Brighter photo in very low light, moderate image noise
  • 200 - Darker photo in indoor lighting, marginal image noise
  • 100 - Darker photo in indoor lighting, minimal image noise


Sharpness controls the sharpness of your video footage. High and Medium Sharpness will benefit those who want to limit the amount of sharpening required in post production. Low sharpness is ideal for professionals who prefer minimally processed content to enable more flexibility in post production.

  • High* - Ultra-sharp video. Same level of sharpness applied to content when Protune is turned off.
  • Medium – Moderately sharp video
  • Low – Softer video that allows for more flexibility in post-production.

Note: For HERO3+ Black Edition versions before HD3.11.02.00, the default and only sharpness level for Protune “ON” was Low. The new default is High sharpness.


Exposure compensation affects the brightness of your video.  Adjusting exposure compensation provides manual correction for environments with contrasting light conditions (e.g. snow, car interior, stage w/ spotlights, etc.).

Range is -2 to +2, in 0.5 step increments:

  • +2.0
  • +1.5
  • +1.0
  • +0.5
  • +0.0*
  • -0.5
  • -1.0
  • -1.5
  • -2.0

Note: Exposure compensation adjusts brightness within the existing ISO Limit. If brightness has already reached the ISO Limit in a low-light environment, increasing your Exposure compensation will not have any effect.


Returns options to the default (*) selections.