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Meet the Million Dollar Crew: Andre Larsen

Fev 13, 2022

Nearly 28,000 HERO10 Black clips from 131 countries were submitted for the chance to be featured in the fourth annual Million Dollar Challenge highlight reel. Ultimately, 62 creators made the cut, earning $16,129.03 a piece.

This series celebrates the stories and the creative processes of these talented creators. We hope these behind-the-scenes looks inspire you as much as they did us.

This is the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai like you’ve never seen it before. Shout out to talented creator, Andre Larsen, for capturing and sharing something he sees almost daily in from an entirely new perspective. And just like that, Andre’s clip is immortalized in the HERO10 Black Million Dollar Challenge video. We caught up with Andre to learn more about his awarded clip—check it out below.

GoPro: You were just awarded $16,129.03 USD! Congrats! What do you plan to do with your earnings?

Andre: Give some to my family, and invest the rest in some crypto 

When did you first start using GoPro?

When the HERO2 came out. Since then, I’ve lost four and smashed six.

Glad to hear you’re really pushing the ruggedness of your GoPro cameras! Did you get HERO10 Black to replace your last GoPro?

I actually borrowed someone else's HERO10 Black to participate in the Million Dollar Challenge.

What inspired your awarded clip?

It's my every week thing to dive Burj Khalifa, so I thought I might as well send it in.

Would you participate again in the future?


Watch the HERO10 Black Million Dollar Challenge reel here.

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