Aug 22, 2017

GoPro athlete Marshall Miller and seven of his friends enjoyed the flight of a lifetime on Monday, August 21, 2017, completing the first-ever wingsuit flight stunt performed against the total solar eclipse.

What started as a brainstorm over dinner and drinks more than six months ago evolved into a highly-choreographed "solar formation" timed perfectly to get the money shot - Miller and his crew flying toward the eclipse in the moment of totality.  


High above the skies in Madras, Oregon, and assisted by the crew and pilots of Skydive Awesome, Miller and friends spent two days doing practice jumps to perfect the timing. "We drew it out dozens of times in advance, " Miller notes. "In the two-plus minutes of totality we were mid-flight and in formation. We watched the sky go from light to pitch black and then light again just as we were landing. It was amazing."

Miller estimates there were more than a dozen GoPro cameras running during the jump. All of the wingsuit jumper's POV was shot at 1440p48 and they had other cameras set to 4K30 and 1080p120 to nail the slow motion footage. 

"Our filmer had three cameras on his helmet, each shooting at a different resolution and frame rate," noted Miller. "When you've got a front row seat to the eclipse, you don't want to miss the shot." 

We think it's safe to say he got he shot...