Nov 14, 2017

Known as the “King of Chinese Pop”, Wang Leehom has revolutionized the Chinese pop music scene with his evolving blend of pop, rock, jazz, hip-hop, R&B, classical, and traditional Chinese music ranging from aboriginal folk music to Beijing opera. The best-selling Mandarin-language musician of his generation, Leehom has spread his talents across genre as a music producer, actor and film director. From playing roles in Ang Lee’s thriller Lust, Caution, Jackie Chan’s Little Big Soldier, and Michael Mann’s Blackhat to writing, directing and scoring the record-setting romantic comedy Love in Disguise, Leehom sets new precedent for what one man can accomplish. 15 solo albums later, Leehom is back with his latest album A.I. Love and the single, Silent Dancer, which carries a story as unique as the artist who wrote it.  

Growing up, Jiang “Rachel” Xinrou was consistently told it was impossible to for her to realize her dream of becoming a dancer. Today, however, Rachel is an accomplished performer, dancing effortlessly across the stage in time to the music. So well, in fact, that many would be astonished to learn that Rachel cannot hear a single beat of the music.

Rachel has been profoundly deaf since she was 3 years old, after complications of a fever. To communicate, her mother taught her to read lips and Rachel remained driven to express herself through dance. She developed a talent for memorizing musical rhythm, and can access every single beat of the music by memory as she dances. Her extraordinary talent helped propel Rachel to be the first deaf dancer to graduate from Beijing Dance Academy, the most prestigious dance academy in China. From there, she went on to appear on the popular and aptly named CCTV Live show, Impossible Challenge. It was here that Wang Leehom first saw Rachel dance. Rachel, indeed, had overcome an impossible challenge.    

Inspired by her ability to communicate such emotion and passion without words, the internationally renowned artist penned the song, “Silent Dancer.”

With GoPro’s spherical camera Fusion capturing the moment, Wang Leehom and Jiang “Rachel” Xinrou reunited at the Grand Theatre for a memorable performance of “Silent Dancer” that will remind all that nothing is impossible.