As anyone with a smartphone will know, the apps on their devices see updates from time to time. Whether it entails bug fixes, minor tweaks, or complete visual overhauls, your coveted apps continue to evolve, along with your needs.

The same goes for the GoPro app. We work diligently to provide the best experience for our users, so they may create, share and enjoy their amazing content. Sometimes, we just need to add a little metaphorical octane to the fuel system; other times, we may equip new tires, a performance exhaust and a turbo kit. So what'd we tune this week?

For iOS users, the GoPro app is now optimized for iOS 11, which yields a pretty sweet improvement to camera pairing. As well, we turned some wrenches, gave her a wax and tuned some performance. Check out the spec sheet below, and make sure you're all up to date with GoPro App v4.2


  • With iOS 11, you can connect to your camera without leaving the GoPro app. Once you've paired your camera, you're all set. No more toggling from Settings back to app to choose your WiFi network. 
  • HiLights are now available in your Recent media for more engaging QuikStories. Get to the moments that matter quicker!
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements. We pulled the restrictor plate. She may not be exactly street legal, but she purrs like a kitten.
  • The GoPro app is now compatible with the all-new GoPro Fusion! Use the app to preview spherical shots and control the camera remotely. Explore your photos and videos from every angle just by moving your phone. Trim footage and grab 360 photos from videos, then share your favorites to Facebook and YouTube.