Apr 27, 2017

Greatest of All Time, or G.O.A.T., gets thrown around a lot in sports these days, but because of so many variables like era, level of competition, equipment development, etc., it’s nearly impossible to clearly define an athlete as such. That is, unless you’re Rachel Atherton. She is unbeatable. She has singlehandedly decimated the UCI Downhill World Cup competition for years, and in 2016, she cemented her name in the history books. 

Last year, Rachel solidified her G.O.A.T. status be winning every…single…race...of the World Cup series.  You read that correctly; a clean sweep of the UCI World Championship season.

The UK-born Atherton, along with her brothers Dan and Gee, have monopolized World Cup racing for years, and are widely considered the royal family of mountain biking. Still, Rachel and Gee are each at the top of their game, and travel the world together competing.

“One of the things that keeps me grounded, is being with Gee. I’m his little sister and I am always just annoying him. It stops [me] from getting too carried away.”

With her family by her side, she is unstoppable. But just for good measure, Rachel records her practice runs at every race with her GoPro, so she can review them–as if she needed another advantage over her competition.

“Using the GoPro has been a game-changer. I film every run, and it allows [me] to practice the course right into the evening. I watch my GoPro run, and I get familiar with it and know exactly where I am going.”

We are so excited for the 2017 series to kick off this weekend. If history is any guide, Rachel should have see a few podiums, to say the least. Check out the schedule below, and be sure to tune in to RedBullTV for complete event coverage.

2017 UCI World Cup Schedule

  • April 29-30: (DHI) Lourdes, France

  • May 20-21: (XCO) Nové Mesto, Czech Republic

  • May 27-28: (XCO) Albstadt, Germany

  • June 3-4: (DHI) Fort William, Scotland

  • June 10-11: (DHI) Leogang, Austria

  • July 1-2 (XCO/DHI) Vallnord, Andorra

  • July 8-9: (XCO/DHI) Lenzerheide, Switzerland

  • August 5-6: (XCO/DHI) Mont-Sainte-Anne, Canada

  • August 26-27: (XCO/DHI) Val di Sole, Italy

  • September 5-10: (XCO/DHI) UCI World Championships, Cairns, Australia