GoPro Fusion captures everything, shooting immersive 5.2K, 360-spherical content and unlocking unique perspectives and visual effects that are not possible with traditional single-lens cameras. And with OverCapture, you can reframe an infinite amount of traditional 1080p fixed-perspective videos, all from a single Fusion clip. But, perhaps equally as incredible is the amazing stabilization of Fusion. You can create buttery-smooth 360 and OverCapture videos without the help of a gimbal. 

Thanks to the sensors inside the camera, the Fusion knows exactly what movements it experienced while recording. Fusion’s software is able to read that data and convert it into yaw, pitch and roll values. As we all now know, Fusion captures everything around it, so it can rotate the sphere to match those movements and smooth out the motions of the camera. It’s shockingly smooth, as the video above illustrates.

Fusion features two types of stabilization: Anti-Shake and Full Stabilization. Anti-Shake smooths out the video but will keep the general direction and movements of the camera, while Full Stabilization will lock the orientation of the camera and remove all movements of the camera. The gimbal-like stabilization combined with OverCapture sets Fusion in a league all of its own.