Mar 5, 2018

You may know Jamie O’Brien from his long-running series, Who Is JOB? on Red Bull TV, or from his antics caught on Instagram, but for those who do not, he can be summed up as the one of the best surfers in the world who is clearly having more fun than everyone else.

He thrives on dropping into giant waves on a softtop just to out-surf everyone else in the lineup on their custom-shaped boards, and he may just do it on fire, or in the dark, or with another board in hand for a transfer. In short, he is an absolute ripper just looking for a good time. And he also happens to crush the GoPro content.

JOB has a new vlog series, and you really don't want to miss it.

He got things started with a two-part travel episode. The waves were flat in Hawaii, so JOB and the boys jumped on a plane to Hokkaido, Japan for an epic snowbaording trip. Check out the first (above) and second (below) installments of Jamie's new travel vlog, shot 100% on GoPro HERO6.