Sep 26, 2017

Think back to your last taxi or ride share. Nine times out of ten, you learned something fascinating that you go on to share with others (let’s face it, that other one time you were probably dead asleep for one reason or another). Sometimes the most interesting conversations happen in the most uncanny places.

So when TEDxMileHigh—the Denver-hub of TED Talks—began planning for its July event, this phenomena gave way to one epic idea. TEDxMileHigh would team up with Lyft and GoPro to record riders’ conversations to and from the event.

The un-filtered, raw conversations that ensued were spot-on to the Ideas-Worth-Spreading mentality. All it took was a few conversational Lyft drivers, some Suction Cup-mounted HERO5 cameras (that were plugged into a car power converter), and many TED Talk-inspired attendees. Check out the full video above.

We can only hope for more collabs to come as TEDxMileHigh hosts its next event, TEDxMileHigh: Wonder, on Nov. 11.