Apr 25, 2017

Today, I’m excited to announce that I’ve officially joined GoPro’s board of directors. I've been a fan of the company and its products since the early days, and I’m delighted to join a company that has a such a great brand, powerful mission, loyal community, and passionate employees. I look forward to meeting more of you and contributing to GoPro’s success where I can.

A bit of background on me: Through the years, I’ve held leadership roles at companies of all sizes and stages, from startups to public companies such as Gilt.com, Martha Stewart Omnimedia, and ABC/Disney - often during periods of internal or external change. Right now, I’m President and Managing Partner of BBG Ventures, a venture fund focused on women-led tech startups. That’s right – every company we invest in has at least one female founder. Since women control the majority of household spending and are the dominant users of the fastest-growing mobile and social platforms, we think it’s smart business (and common sense!) to invest in entrepreneurs who know that end-user best. GoPro’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and obsession with communicating directly to its customers closely maps to my business philosophies and investment approach.

 I look forward to working with Nick Woodman and GoPro’s board to guide the company through 2017 as it achieves new milestones and seizes new growth opportunities. This is an exciting time for GoPro, and I’m proud to be here.

-Susan Lyne