Aug 28, 2017

GoPro’s own Alana Blanchard is on the path to motherhood, and home is becoming increasingly more important to her as she takes this new step. Following her pregnancy announcement in June, Alana has mostly stepped away from the public eye, getting more rest and preparing her new addition. Prior to her pregnancy, though, Alana invited GoPro team to capture a glimpse of life beyond the media circus, snapping cameras, flashes and reflectors, and thanks to Surfer Mag, we present you a glimpse of Alana's life, home and away. 

At home in Hawaii, Alana presents the juxtaposition of secluded home life on Kauai and the public surf and model life, represented by the North Shore of Oahu, which is an epicenter of the surf industry. 

“I grew up on a five-acre piece of land that my parents had. I feel like a lot of people on Kauai live off the land. They grow a lot of their own produce. Ever since I could remember, my dad and mom would grow bananas and oranges. I really want to start a garden, but I’m never here. But when I do get to be here, I’m pretty much just chilling; no one can find me,” says Alana. On Oahu, however, it is a much different situation, especially at the of the year.

“The North Shore is always a good time, because you are always going to see people you’ve traveled with […] because it’s where everyone in the surf community comes to at the end of the year for at least two months. You can’t walk into a grocery store without seeing one or two people form the surf industry.” 

As a new adventure begins for Alana, navigating the balance of personal and public life will become increasingly more important. We are so excited for Alana and her partner Jack Freestone as they embark on this new adventure of life.