Feb 3, 2017

GoPro’s resident NFL all-star Lonie Paxton has had his work cut out for him these past few weeks. The Pro Bowl just took Orlando by storm and the Super Bowl is slated to take over Houston this weekend, both showcasing the best-of-the-best from the 2016-17 NFL season. And you bet your facemask Lonie has been holding it down at both. 

Before landing at GoPro, Lonie had a decorated NFL career, playing in four Super Bowls with the Patriots and long snapping his way to three Super Bowl rings. This dude has an incredible work ethic, so it was a no-brainer when the opportunity arose to snag Lonie to manage team sports marketing at GoPro. And he brought his Bill Belichick-inspired winning attitude to GoPro with him.    

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“All the one-liners of ‘do your job’ and ‘team first,’ I think really applies to what we do in sports marketing and entertainment,” Lonie says. “If you do your part of business, and you do it well, you’re going to execute your role of the team and rub off on other people, and that will resonate.”

Lonie has used this approach to bring the GoPro team to the NFL happenings with him. Thanks to a relationship with ESPN, Monday Night Football, Jon Gruden, and status as a former player, Lonie most recently packed up a few GoPros and hit the Pro Bowl, looking to inspire players to capture differently with the camera. 

“Being a former player there’s a little bit of credibility that exists,” he explains. “I’m not just a random cameraman or marketing guy that walks up and asks the players to do something. I know the flow of practice, I know typically what they’re doing before and after practice, the time constraints, and I want to make it as seamless as possible”

The GoPro can’t interfere and it must attach easily and securely, but after that, it’s all about capturing and sharing kickass talent. Lonie’s found that the HERO5 lineup, especially the HERO5 Session, is high-quality enough to get the best shots from body-mounted locations, but discrete enough to not interfere with the play. The rugged out-of-the-box design, plus voice control, 4K video and image stabilization—our starting lineup is stacked.

The Pro Bowl was just the warmup, though, because NFL history being made in Houston this weekend. Lonie is on the ground at NRG Stadium as Atlanta and New England prep for Super Bowl LI. 

The Patriots, a team Lonie knows a thing or two about, are heading to their ninth Super Bowl—the most of any team in NFL history—and second appearance in three years.

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“For me, I’m excited to see my boys have another chance at history,” Lonie says. “It’s been a long year for them … Why not see history be made with a seventh Super Bowl appearance (under head coach Belichick and QB Tom Brady), a fifth Super Bowl win and a potential fourth Super Bowl MVP. There’s a lot that could happen for Tom and his teammates.”    

Sorry Atlanta, we wish the Falcons the best of luck … but we’re keeping it in the GoPro Fam on this one, so … Go Pats! Let's make some history! 

Keep an eye out for more GoPro + NFL content to come, whether it’s from the players’ POV or even the referees’ like we saw in the Big Ten Championship game earlier this year.