Aug 22, 2018

Recently, the guys at Stab got their hands on a new GoPro HERO6 Black* and decided to put our word to the test—our word being that GoPro has introduced an entirely new way to film, experience and share surf footage. But instead of slapping the flagship camera to a board for yet another POV video, they put it in the hands of filmmaker Beren Hall.

Beren, being an avid RED camera user, agreed to take the GoPro along to film in Tasmania with Dion Agius. It didn’t take long for Beren to realize the pint-sized HERO6 housed everything he needed to create a killer edit—no water housing or fisheye distortion required.

Beren chose to shoot in linear mode set to 2K at 120fps to capture a more traditional, third-person perspective that mirrored that of his RED camera. Plus, the 120fps allowed for super smooth slow-mo shots. The result was an entirely GoPro-shot surf film that falls nicely in line with the caliber of films Beren is known for.

As for the GoPro, it sounds like Beren’s just getting started with his. “They’re going to eventually be in every cameraman’s gear bag just because they’re so small and easy to use.” Well said, Beren!

Watch the full edit above, or on Stab’s website along with a full behind-the-scenes rundown filed under “The (Petite) Lens That Stole a Veteran Surf Filmmaker’s Heart.”

*Oh and yes, it was us who shared the HERO6 Black with them.