Last year, GoPro introduced its first backpack to the world, and it quickly became a favorite amongst GoPro fans, casual shooters and active adventurists alike. And while its thoughtful design and efficient storage are enough to make it a standout in the backpack market, it truly sets itself apart because it is as much a mount accessory as it is a pack.   

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Featuring three mounting points offering their own unique perspective, the Seeker opens the body up to more angles and views all while maintaining a comfort level as it evenly distributes your belongings that are along for the ride.   

Most obvious is the quick-release mount integrated onto the left shoulder strap, which provides a quick, simple mount, perfect for on-the-fly hands-free shots. Whether is it simply your camera, or a Karma Grip setup, you can get the shot or have it ready for a quick-draw moment. Less obvious, but arguably the most dynamic, is the 3-Way mount for over-the-shoulder shots. Simply attach your 3-Way–or El Grande–to the left side of Seeker via the pouch and two adjustable loops, and you have an immersive third-person angle to capture your activity (see the photo below with El Grande implemented).

Above: With this perspective, the shooter is a part of the group in the composition, and not simply behind the camera.

Included with the Seeker is a removable chest harness, which rounds out the three mounting positions. With a multitude of adjustment points and a soft, breathable padding, the chest harness is the most comfortable way to capture that classic, ultra-immersive POV angle. This setup is ideal for activities like mountain biking, where both hands are occupied in front of the lens, and you are looking for a symmetrical composition.
And while mounting takes Seeker to the next level, it still needs to store your goods effectively, and boy, does it ever! Cameras, memory cards, and small items are right at your immediate reach, and the main compartment will accommodate a complete Karma system, or simply just the essentials for a day trip. 

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Keys to Victory

  • Shoulder mount for on-the-fly, hands-free POV | Keep moving and shooting
  • Removable, comfortable chesty mount | Most comfortable way to get that classic POV shot
  • Over-the-Shoulder Angle via 3-Way integration | Unique, awesome, and hands-free
  • Holds Karma system | It’s small, but it’s big; with separate compartments for drone, remote, props and more.
  • Hydration bladder or laptop sleeve | Stay hydrated, or stay connected
  • Easy-access camera storage | No digging necessary
  • Lightweight, low profile, with snug fit | It’s like it’s not even there. But it is.    

The Seeker packs a tons of function into a convenient and versatile form. Whether you are a mountain town explorer or a city slicker, the Seeker pack will meet and exceed your needs in a comfortable, compact fashion.